Our Home in Havana, Cuba

Our home in Havana, Hostal Cuarteles in Old Havana. Elegant old home but four-floor walk-up. Have taken in everything we can for this trip. Leaving Havana behind tomorrow to drive across the island to Trinidad on the southern coast, all day trip. Then Cienfuegos before coming home Sunday. Much to write about, much to tell. Everyone very welcoming to Americans although they feel the pinch … Continue reading Our Home in Havana, Cuba

On Being Blocked by Facebook

  Hell’s Canyon, where the Snake River cuts its path past boulders and mountains along the Oregon-Idaho border, is deeper, longer and more remote than the Grand Canyon, according to my trail guide. She ought to know—her family rode in a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail and homesteaded in the 1800s. We stood under the fire tower at Hat Point in Oregon, keenly aware … Continue reading On Being Blocked by Facebook