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January 6–The Insurrection and Helen Keller

I watched, as did you, in disbelief as a mob of thugs scaled walls, overpowered police, smashed glass, smashed heads, and stormed into our nation’s capitol. They tromped across Statuary Hall, brandishing their flagpoles as weapons. It was much later, after order was being restored, that I thought about the statues and wondered if they had been harmed. I remembered the day one statue was … Continue reading January 6–The Insurrection and Helen Keller

An Elephant, Stag and Rambling about Research

  By Jennie Helderman In 1810 a man in Huntsville, Alabama, sold tickets to see an elephant. I have a copy of the flyer advertising the event. Now I happen to know that in 1810 Huntsville was the western frontier. Very few people lived there, and travel was hard. So how did an elephant get to Huntsville? And how could the man keep the elephant … Continue reading An Elephant, Stag and Rambling about Research

Sandy Hook Calling

Messages in my box today from two Sandy Hook survivors, Nicole Hockley and Kaitlin Roig. Yes, another school shooting and they are alarmed—again. Nicole’s six-year-old son Dylan was shot to death in his classroom before noon on December 14, 2014. Kaitlin was the first grade teacher whose classroom was closest to the door where the gunman shot through the locked door to gain entrance. She … Continue reading Sandy Hook Calling