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Christmas Trivia

Christmas Trivia

Filled with fascinating facts about the world’s favorite holiday, this charming little Christmas trivia book is a must for everyone’s Christmas stocking. Stump your family with these delightful questions and impress your friends with your newly-found knowledge of Christmas.

What does the X stand for in Xmas? In what country did the Christmas tree originate?

You’ll have hours of fun discovering fascinating facts to light up your Christmas season.




Hanukkah Trivia

Hannukah Trivia

Filled with fascinating facts about the midwinter Jewish holiday, this charming little book is a must for everyone’s shopping list.

What is the right way to spell Hanukkah?

What is the origin of eating cheese at Hanukkah?

Where did the most distant celebration of the holiday take place?

When was the first Hanukkah postage stamp issued in the United States?

You’ll have hours of fun discovering the answers to captivating questions that will light up your menorah.



What people are saying

It is very entertaining and educational. A great game for parties, old and young alike. This book is a “must” to have in your library and a perfect gift for your friends and family!

-Reader from Michigan

This book broke the ice at the office/spouse holiday party! and gave the in-laws and ex-es some good laughs at the family dinner. Lots of information loaded into a stocking-sized prize.

-Reader from Texas

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