To arrange speaking engagements, book signings, interviews, or talks with book clubs with Jennie and/or Ginger, tell us what you’d like and how to contact you. We can come by car or Skype.

Jennie and Ginger are available on the blog to speak about domestic violence issues.  If your question or comment is personal, be cautious about entering your contact information below. If you like, choose a name for us to call you and watch for a reply in the blogroll.

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One thought on “Contact

  1. Jennie,
    Hello – I attended your session at Athens State University. Ginger and I met and had a conversation afterwards. Our stories were so similar… we were to get together afterwards, she gave me her contact number. I regret that I have lost it and really need to reach her if at all possible. My phone is 256.612.7443. Could you pass this request to call me? I would be so thankful.
    A. Dawn Burgess

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