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January 6–The Insurrection and Helen Keller

I watched, as did you, in disbelief as a mob of thugs scaled walls, overpowered police, smashed glass, smashed heads, and stormed into our nation’s capitol. They tromped across Statuary Hall, brandishing their flagpoles as weapons. It was much later, after order was being restored, that I thought about the statues and wondered if they had been harmed. I remembered the day one statue was … Continue reading January 6–The Insurrection and Helen Keller

An Elephant, Stag and Rambling about Research

  By Jennie Helderman In 1810 a man in Huntsville, Alabama, sold tickets to see an elephant. I have a copy of the flyer advertising the event. Now I happen to know that in 1810 Huntsville was the western frontier. Very few people lived there, and travel was hard. So how did an elephant get to Huntsville? And how could the man keep the elephant … Continue reading An Elephant, Stag and Rambling about Research

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For the second time, I’ve been blocked—booted out, no explanation, all my posts dumped into oblivion, and no recourse or appeal. Not from all of Facebook this time but from a benign nostalgic group called Forgotten Alabama that posted photos of abandoned houses and stores, old signs, things that had seen better days. I didn’t see any rules so after observing for a few weeks, … Continue reading BLOCKED AGAIN!

The Last of Mountain Tom

Lee Freeman paints Tom as an urban legend in a scholarly paper. Here are the first paragraphs: Tales from Beyond the Grave: The Life and Legend of Thomas Marion “Mountain Tom” Clark By Lee Freeman, Local Historian/Genealogist for the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library in Florence, Alabama. Most locals have seen the marker and know the story of how Tom aka “Mountain Tom” Clark lies buried underneath East … Continue reading The Last of Mountain Tom

Family stubborn streak traced to woman who sat in chair 17 years and was buried sitting up. southern funerals by Jennie Helderman

The Mother of All Stubborn Streaks

This story isn’t a funeral story, not exactly, but stubborn to the death is close enough. A stubborn streak runs through my husband’s family. If he or certain of his forebearers take a stand, the crash of all the techtonic plates of the Pacific Rim won’t budge them an inch. The mother of all stubborn streaks and there’s indication the stubborness may be intensifying. I know where … Continue reading The Mother of All Stubborn Streaks